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Buying a mountain bicycle is actually a large commitment. Unless you are actually definitely efficient cycling, you're going to need to have a trek antelope. There are actually a couple main points to consider when seeking your very first mountain bike.


What kind of riding will you be performing?

Certain, we all like seeing video clips of the pros hucking major air and tearing technological routes, but it's important to be practical about the type of riding you'll actually be performing. Obtain a tip of what forms of routes are readily available in your region, as well as what style of riding interest you. There are specific mountain bikes for details types of riding, in addition to bikes that can possibly do a little of everything. You'll acquire the opportunity to experiment with different types when you demo bikes. Acquiring an idea of what trails you'll be actually riding frequently-- be it refine circulation tracks, filth forest roadways, or technological downhill routes-- are going to assist you select a proper horse.

Believe lasting:

Perform you see on your own improving as well as wishing to update in a year? In 3? Should you skip the in-between-more-affordable-bike step and invest a little bit more now to steer clear of investing even more later? Are you interested to eventually make journeys to Whistler's bike park? A hard-tail 29er won't be actually terrific for demanding down A-Line ... Want to go on multi-day bike packing adventures? A 6-inch traveling bike without a lockout isn't going to be actually best for lengthy days in the saddle ... Thinking ahead can spare you a lot of funds, time, and trouble as well as assist you obtain a trek 800 mountain bike that'll finest satisfy your demands both right now as well as later on.

Mountain Bike Styles & Features

After some self-questioning, it's opportunity to start considering bikes. Traits can obtain perplexing, along with various specs like wheel measurements, suspension, and also different types of riding, but don't be afraid. The upcoming step is really placing some tires to filth, and demoing various mountain bicycle. A couple factors to deal with when doing background study to aid you pick your next mountain bike are the style of bike as well as components.





There are several styles of mountain bicycle, built to handle various kinds of landscapes. Dealing with the sort of tracks you'll be riding is actually a terrific way to narrow down the different designs of bikes. Look into our complete guide on mtb designs.

As soon as you have a general tip of what type of trek antelope you would like to try, it's opportunity to do some research on the various components that compose the bike. There is a whole lot that goes into creating a mountain bicycle ride the method it performs, along with each element playing a part. While some mountain bicycle riders consume over each and every element on their bike, there are a couple main places to focus on.

Wheel Size:

Although geometry plays a big function in how a bike manages, the basic general rule is actually that larger wheels roll much better over challenges, while smaller sized tires are a lot more maneuverable.

Mount Size & Geometry:

The majority of mtb offer on a remarkably reduced standover elevation, so the typical strategy of status over the bike flat-footed does not actually work. Subsequently, mountain bicycle producers make use of Little, Channel, Plus size as well as offer their personal measurements recommendations located roughly on your elevation.


Bumpier trails with large drops and also big dives typically deserve extra revocation. Meanwhile, higher usage singletrack as well as tighter, specialized terrain that involves a reasonable volume of pedaling tends to gain from much less revocation.

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